Artosis: “I feel like the entire foreign scene needs to get with it immediately”

Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski. Image via @Artosis Twitter.

Artosis didn’t beat around the bush when he talked about the skill-level state of the non-Korean StarCraft 2 scene. Near the end of his “After Thoughts” interview with JP McDaniel on Sunday he warned, “If you thought Korea was hard to beat before, wait till the end of next year”.

From there Artosis launched into a full explanation saying, “so I feel like the entire foreign scene needs to get with it immediately and players that really want to have an impact on StarCraft 2 in the future on a world scale and not just a regional scale anyone like that should probably think about moving over to Korea and staying here for long periods of time cuz its going to be unbelievably hard – maybe a few will keep up but its hard to imagine.”

Watch the whole segment of what Artosis had to say about foreigners keeping up by clicking on the image below (it will jump you to the right spot in the video). Would have embedded the video for you all but that function was turned off.

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    How is this news? That episode is a week old already.

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    I bet Artosis has a tight lil asshole. Mhm. o 3 o

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    “cuz” – Please don’t do that, it’s very unprofessional. 

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      It’s a direct quote. Artosis was the one who said cuz instead of because.